Energioptimering Gennem Adaptiv Lysstyring (EAL) Download Publication
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  • Kjell Yngve Petersen
  • Karin Søndergaard
  • Ole Kristensen
  • Christina Augustesen
  • Nina Rask

Energioptimering Gennem Adaptiv Lysstyring (EAL)

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EAL_PSO_347-033.pdf 48.17 MB

Energy optimization through adaptive lighting control (EAL)

Adaptive lighting integrates user scenarios, daylight variations and architectural qualities in the design of light and control systems. The project contributes to the development of functional and well-designed adaptive lighting solutions, which dynamically regulates the intensity and color composition of light with individual and place-specific solutions. A special focus is on solutions that integrate daylight as a formative parameter of the adaptive lighting control.

The project investigates how the introduction of LED-based lighting technologies has generated new potentials for dynamic and customised lighting-design solution, and how the introduction of IoT-connected infrastructures has opened for Lighting-as- a-Service environments. A key aspect of the new possibilities offered is adaption seen from the consumer’s perspective: that the environment adapts to the personal wishes and needs, and that this is done within the framework of architectural lighting design that takes into account the energy consumption.

The project focuses on design strategies and software specification of adaptive lighting in the context of everyday situations, based on user-driven design implementations and software-specifications approached from a holistic IoT perspective. Adaptive lighting makes it possible for the users to experience themselves as active participants in the configuration of each unique situation, and thereby facilitate a holistic balance between energy-optimisation, well-being and architectural design that is experienced as meaningful in the everyday life.

The project develops sketching tools that can facilitate the design considerations across the value chain, and enable exchange and cooperation through the design of concrete adaptive installations and explore user behaviour. The project contribute to improve the development of adaptive lighting design, providing knowledge and tools to enhance adaptive design qualities.


  • ITU Kjell Yngve Petersen
  • Ole Kristensen
  • Jørn Lambertsen
  • Nina Rask
  • Sebastian Hølt Bak
  • KADK, Architectural Lighting Lab Karin Søndergaard
  • SpektraLED Søren Jensen
  • Martin Sidelmann
  • CreaSign Bent Aasberg
  • Fagerhult Lighting Academy Henrik Clausen
  • Architectural Lighting Jesper Konshaug


  • IT Universitetet i København (ITU)
  • Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi, Skolerne for Arkitektur, Design og Konservering (KADK)
  • Spektra LED
  • CreaSign
  • SweCo
  • Fagerhult
  • Architectural Lighting

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